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With   our   method   of   Universal   Energy   we   want   to offer     everyone     a     possibility     to     achieve     a harmonization   of   mind,   body   and   spirit.   Through activating    Tâm    Điểm    (TĐ)    or    Central    Point    to practice     the     breathing     exercises     and     energy electrical    transfer    everyone    can    achieve    better health, happiness, and spiritual development.
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Universal Energy Healing

This   mysterious   energy   source   exiting   in every   one   without   recognizing.   If   anyone asks   you:   the   vast   universe   contains   what? In   fact,   it   is   made   of   something?   How   do we answer this? Truly   every   man   is   seen   as   a   sub-universe in   diminishing,   in   addition   to   the   human shape    was    invisible    form    (nonphysical). But   a   few   people   could   see   the   existence in this format. However,   to   obtain   good   health   and   clean mind    we    fully    see    the    closely    related among   living   organisms   can   be   visible   and invisible form. The   universal   potential   program   will   guide your    journey    to    reach    the    clarity    and balance in all aspects of life.

Universal Energy Institute

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Steve Long Tran

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